Edgewood / Joppatowne Independence Day Parade

July 4th

The committee was formed when Edgewood and Joppa-Joppatowne community council chairmen got together in 2007 to start an adventure to host a parade for both communities. This lead to our first annual parade in 2008. The committee is composed of non-paid volunteers with great leadership skills who will spend many months and hours planning and carrying out this great celebration in Harford County. Financial support is also received locally from many businesses, business professional and patrons in the areas. This web site contains a list of the sponsors who have financially assisted with our celebration.

We are living these days amidst some of the greatest challenges to our way of life that we have ever faced. Our Independence day parade celebration includes representatives of our local heroes, our local law enforcement and our emergency service personnel. As we go about our daily lives, we owe our safety, our independence, and our continued freedom from fear, to brave men and women like them.

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